Salt Room is a room dedicated for taking the salt therapy. This rooms are often made of the salt or decorated by the salt. CURENTEC builds the Himalayan Crystal Salt Rooms or rooms decorated with the regular white crystal salt.

We offer Himalayan Crystal Salt constructions suitable for homes, SPAs, saunas,infrared cabins or any other private or public premises. Himalayan salt room construction is based on the German technology from Königs Salz
  Use of the smooth crystal salt tiles allows to follow the rules of hygiene in the treatment salt rooms. These surfaces are easy cleanable.

Himalayan salt blocks and tiles ideally suits to the saunas and increase the amount on the negative ions in the air. It works like well known Salt Lamps but gives much stronger results.

  White salt rooms are quite popular due to its low cost. The salt decoration can be applied almost to any surface made of gypsum, bricks, plywood or bricks. It is possible to cover any shapes of the walls or ceilings. CURENTEC uses only the regular table salt and water to make the white salt rooms.