NEW HaloGenerator is a device designed to saturate the room with the dry salt aerosol. It can be used in the any type of salt rooms. It can be easily used at SPAs, wellness centres or homes.
New HaloGenerator uses capsules with the pharmacy grade or natural salts, like Himalayan, Persian blue or Alpine salts. The salt is previously grinded in the laboratory into a fine powder using the unique method that no other halogenerator uses. A New Halogenerator simulates the natural healing environment of the salt caves. Only New HaloGenerator is equipped with the wireless concentration sensor to control the concentration of the salt aerosol.

Almost any room can be suited for the salt therapy sessions, it could be at home, sauna, SPA, summer cottage etc. A New HaloGenerator works on the internal Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. It looks great, is easy to use, fully
automatic and wireless.